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(2) Sandvik Capto C5 Extensions, 3/4" Face Mill arbor, C5-391.01-50 100 and 80mm

eBay This listing is for a new Sandvik Coromant Capto C5 setup with 3/4" arbor. Item remains in good useable condition but have some light surface rust and wear. The part numbers are hard to read or are rubbed off. C5 attachment size. See all photos for best idea of condition. There are (3) pieces in this listing. Detailed list is below. Free prior ...  More
Pokolm SK 40 Face Milling Extension Arbor Mod. 75 27 750 Used

eBay You are looking at a used Pokolm SK 40 Face Milling Extension Arbor. It is Model #75 27 750. If you look up the specs on this unit, the dimensions are all metric. I believe it has metric threads in it, Im not sure. The pilot on the end to hold a face mill is a 27mm pilot. The keys that are shown are 12mm width keys. As for the taper, Im not su ...  More
Seco EPB Graflex G6 0.75" Facemill Arbor M5525 36075 (LOC535)

eBay Seco EPB Graflex G6 0.75" Facemill Arbor M5525 36075 (LOC535) SKU: SMT10756 Brand: Seco Condition: Used Notes: Missing some hardware. Excellent condition! MPN: M402 551 Brand: Seco Model: M5525 36075 Connection Type: G6 Diameter Of Arbor: 0.75" Projection: 1 5/8" Coolant Through: Yes For technical assistance and support, please use the "A ...  More

eBay QTY 2 NEW WALTER FACE MILL ARBOR EXTENSION AK155M.UO.63.031.31 A101M.063.080.63 Description Up for your consideration are two Walter face mill extensions. I was able to find detailed specs on the AK155M, but not on the other(longer one). Theseare being sold a group. If this doesn't work for you email me. The collisionlength on the A101Mis 31mm ...  More
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