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DE-STA-CO TYPE 802 Pneumatic Clamp,Air powered hold down clamp 12050-A

12050-A pneumatic hold-down clamp,de-sta-co type 802 Part No. 12050-A Pneumatic version of Model 12050(202) Holding Force: 95Kg Arm Opens: 105 Cylinder bore:32mm Max cylinder air pressue:140psi Option:U-bar,12050-UA
DE-STA-CO TYPE 810-u Pneumatic Clamp,Air powered hold down clamp12265-A

12265-A pneumatic clamp,holding cap.340kg,destaco type 810-u Part No. GH-12265-A Pneumatic version of Model 12265(210-u) Holding Force: 340Kg Arm Opens: 86 Cylinder bore:40mm Max Cylinder air pressure:140psi
DE-STA-CO TYPE 807-ul Pneumatic Clamp,Air powered hold down clamp12130-A

12130-A pneumatic clamp holding cap. 227kg,De-sta-co 807-ul type Part No. CH-12130-A Pneumatic version of Model 12130 Holding Force: 227Kg Arm Opens: 92 Cylinder bore:32mm Max cylinder air pressure:140psi
DE-STA-CO TYPE 817-u Pneumatic Clamp,Air powered clamp 20820-A

20820-A pneumatic clamp,holding cap.100kg,de-sta-co type 817-u Part no. 20820 Holding Force: 100Kg Arm Opens: 90 Cylinder bore:32mm Max Cylinder air pressure:140psi Features: Dual mounting surfaces for maximum flexibility Applications: Assembly Welding
Mathey Dearman single and double screw chain clamp

Hi, up for sale is this Mathey Dearman single and double screw chain clamp. It is in quite good condition, but the set is missing one of the pieces.
Camlok Universal Lifting Plate Clamp, 900-4400 Lbs., 0"-1.25" Jaw Mint

Camlok Universal Plate Clamp, 900-4400 Lbs., 0"-1.25"Jaw Like New Condition Free Shipping
1018 Steel T-Slot Nut Black Oxide Finish Tapped Through 1/2"-13 Threads 5/8" ...

De-Sta-Co Model 201-U Hold-Down Action Toggle Clamp Locking. Lot of 20.

LOT 4 of SET UP BLOCKS mill milling machine table work holder CAST IRON #47

KNU-Vise V-400 400 lb. Capacity Vertical Hold Down Clamp. Lot of 6.

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