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Rolling Type MT3 Interchangeable Live Center Set Morse Taper 3 & 6Points NSK-MT3

Rolling Type MT3 Interchangeable Point Live Center 6Pcs Set Morse Taper 3 NSKMT3 Order No.: NSK-MT3 Shank Size: Morse taper #3 Point Angle: 60Degree Max RPM: 3,500 Accuracy: 0.005mm Tailstock Pressure:10~15 lbs Overall Length(L): 153mm Outside Diameter(D): 41mm Point Diameter(D1): 30mm Item Price Included :1Set (detail as following): 1 x Morse Tape ...  More
3900-5053 mt3 7 piece interchangeable bull nose live center set

3900-5053 MT3 7 Piece Interchangeable Bull Nose Live Center Set PRODUCT DESCRIPTION MT3 7 Piece Interchangeable Bull Nose Live Center Set ~ Used for CNC machines. ~ Fine adjustment for better grip. ~ Made of hardened tool steel and ground to high accuracy. ~ Two special designed high-quality bearings. ~ Can be lubricated through a hole on head for ...  More
MT3 #3 Mt 3 Morse Taper Live Center Chuck Attachment Tool Set for Metal Lathe

MT3 #3 Mt 3 Morse Taper Live Center Chuck Attachment Tool Set for Metal Lathe MT #3 Live Center Set offers seven interchangeable tips. High-quality needle bearings prolong tool life and special tool steel body and tips are precision ground. Specifications: MT3 7 Interchangeable Tips High Quality Needle Bearing
SHARS Morse Taper 3 Universal Interchangeable Live Center 3MT 8pcs Set MT3 Lathe

NEW MORSE TAPER LIVE CENTER TAPERS 3 MT SET BRAND NEW! GREAT PRICE! SUPER NICE!! Product Code 202-3426 Product description Morse Taper: 3 Accuracy guaranteed to: .0006" Product features Body made of special tool steel hardened and ground with special taper mount for quick change of points Can be used for heavy duty work since point and body act lik ...  More
Shars 3MT Morse Taper 3 Medium Duty CNC Interchangeable MT3 Live Center Set New

SHARS 3 MT Morse Taper High Speed Medium Duty CNC Interchangeable Live Center New Premium Quality 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Founded in 1978, Shars Tool Company has been serving the industrial community and machine shops in the USA for over 30 years. We carry high quality live centers, with individual certificate in each product. Product Code 202- ...  More
MT3 Multi-Purpose Live Center Set w. 7 Interchangeable Points #8003-MT3- NEW

Accuracy 0.0012" to 0.0039" MADE OF HARDENED TOOL STEEL AND GROUND FOR HIGH ACCURACY. PRECISION AND HIGH QUALITY NEEDLE BEARINGS FOR ACCURACY. PARTS ARE SEALED CONCENTRICITY: 0.0002" Froo | Froo Cross Sell, Free Cross Sell, Cross promote, eBay Marketing, eBay listing Apps, eBay Apps, eBay Application Posted with eBay Mobile

Talon Precision MT#3 Super Precision Live Center Set w/Interchangeable Inserts

Morse Taper Live Center MT3 Set Metal Lathe 7 Interchangeable Points

4pcs Set MT1, MT2, MT3, MT4 Revolving Live Center (Male Point) Lathe Turning

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